What is difference Between Pulverized Coal Burners and Oil Burners?


Comparison Between Pulverized Coal Burners and Oil Burners
Oil Burners
(1) Oil only burns in the state of vaporization, the combustion is relatively complete;
(2) Oil has the characteristic of diffusion combustion, the flame shape can be adjusted according to demand;
(3) Atomization before combustion, and the atomization determines the combustion efficiency;
(4) Under different conditions, oil has different thermal decomposition;
(5) The heating is fast, but also the cooling.

Pulverized coal burner
(1) Pulverized coal stays in the hot zone for a long time, thus the combustion efficiency and temperature is high;
(2) Temperature of pulverized coal burner rises fast with high thermal efficiency. It is suitable for a wide range of coal;
(3) The air and coal volume can be changed as needed to control the temperature and flame shape in a certain range;
(4) Internal temperature of pulverized coal burner is even;
(5) Simple structure is easy to maintain.

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