LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant

DASION is the LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant manufacturer to develop and produce in-house all-system components, including controls, screens, dryers, burners, mixers and filters.

lb1000 asphalt-mixing-plant

LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant design features
Model : LB1000
Mixer rated capacity : 1000kg/one batch
Product performance standards : JT/T 270-2002
Environmental noise : ≤85 dB (A)
Operation method : Automatic control, manual control
Overall power : 246~326kw

Characteristics of LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant:
1.Strengthen quality,much safe and convenient. 2.Compact layout,using fewer areas. 3.Modular design,transportation and installation is much easy. 4.Electronic weighing system,to ensure measurement accurate.

LB800 Hot Mix Plant for road construction
1.Cold feeders with integrated collection belt
2. Drying drum with Ammann burner
3. Filter dust extractor with coarse dust pre-separator
4. Elevator
5. Reclassification screen VA 1230 -4(Option: VA 1230-5) hot screen with bypass changeover
6. Hot aggregate silo with 4 (Optional 5) aggregate compartments
7. Weighing platform with aggregate, filler, bitumen scale, optional with a special additive scale
8. Mixing platform with Amix 1,2 tonne twin shaft paddle mixer
9. Option: Hot mix storage silo 50 t
10. Truck loading (direct from mixer or hot mix storage silo)
11. Filler silo tower for reclaimed and imported filler
12. Reclaimed filler storage
13. Option: Thermo oil heated bitumen tank system
14. Control container with control system

Parameters of LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant

No. Item Parameter
1 Name Asphalt Mixing Equipment
2 Model LB1000
3 Mixer rated capacity 1000kg/one batch
4 Product performance standards JT/T 270-2002
5 Rated production capacity 60~80t/h(Under standard conditions)
6 Relationship of production capacity and mixing time Mixing cycle(S) 45 50 55 60
Production capacity(t/h) 80 72 65 60
7 Static metering accuracy Gravel material ± 0.5%; powder ± 0.25%; asphalt ± 0.2%
8 Bag of dust removal capacity Dust emissions: ≤ 50 mg / Nm3; Ringelmann Black Degree: <1 level
9 Burner Fuel(Diesel or heavy oil); Natural gas; Coal ( choose one from three)
10 Temperature stability Hot aggregate material: ± 5 ℃; finished material discharge: ± 3 ℃
11 Environmental noise ≤85 dB (A)
12 Operation method Automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control
13 Asphalt tank 30 tons, two units, insulation layer (thickness about 50 mm)
14 Heat-transfer Oil Hot oil furnace, high and low pots, burners, heat pumps, insulation pipelines, independent control
15 Overall dimensions Length: 36 m, width: 30 m, height: 15 m
16 Overall power 246~326kw(see the power list)

Workshop of LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant:

LB1000 Asphalt batch mixing Plant

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