LB3000 asphalt batching plant

LB3000 asphalt batching plant application is that aggregates are blended, heated, dried, and mixed with asphalt cement to produce a hot mix asphalt. And the asphalt batching plant can be divided into batch and drum type in accordance with mixing operation.


LB3000 asphalt batching plant design features
Model : LB3000
Mixer rated capacity : 3000kg/one batch
Product performance standards : JT/T 270-2002
Environmental noise : ≤85 dB (A)
Operation method : Automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control
Overall power : 561~720kw

Differences between LB3000 asphalt batching plant and drum type
1.About LB3000 asphalt batching plant
In the batch-type mixing plant, hot aggregate and asphalt are withdrawn in desired amounts to make up one batch for mixing. After thoroughly mixing, the material is discharged from the pugmill in one batch.
Aggregate is removed from storage, or stockpiles, in controlled amounts and passed through a dryer where it is heated and dried. The aggregate then passes over a screening unit that separates the material into different size fractions and deposits them into bins for hot storage. The aggregate and mineral, when used, are then withdrawn in controlled amounts, to make up one batch for mixing. The entire combination of aggregate is dumped into a mixing chamber called a pugmill. Then the asphalt, which has also been weighed, is thoroughly mixed with the aggregate in the pugmill. After mixing, the material is emptied from the pugmill in one batch.

2. About LB3000 asphalt drum type plant
In the drum-type mixing plant, the aggregate is dried, heated, and mixed with the asphaltic cement in the drum in a continuous operation
Drum mixing is a relatively simple process of producing asphalt mixtures. The mixing drum looks like the familiar dryer. The difference is that the aggregate is not only dried and heated within the drum, but also mixed with the asphalt cement. (Figure 3-8.) The drum mix process depends upon cold feed control for gradation of aggregates. The drum mix plant requires the use of a surge silo for mix loadout. Drum mixers can produce a true hot mix or a low temperature mix.
Production starts with the cold feed bins. It is necessary to proportion the mixing drum. Total and proportional control with variable speed belt feeders permits adjustments of individual feeder output to desired proportions. Thus total tonnage of aggregate going to the drum mixer can be increased or decreased by the speed of the feeder belts without changing the proportions.

LB3000 asphalt batching plant flowing chart

asphalt plant flowing chart

Parameters of LB3000 asphalt batching plant

No. Item Parameter
1 Name Asphalt Mixing Equipment
2 Model LB3000
3 Mixer rated capacity 3000kg/one batch
4 Product performance standards JT/T 270-2002
5 Rated production capacity 180~240t/h (Under standard conditions)
6 Relationship of production capacity and mixing time Mixing cycle(S) 45 50 55 60
Production capacity(t/h) 240 216 196 180
7 Static metering accuracy Gravel material ± 0.5%; powder ± 0.25%; asphalt ± 0.2%
8 Bag of dust removal capacity Dust emissions: ≤ 50 mg / Nm3; Ringelmann Black Degree: <1 level
9 Burner Fuel(Diesel or heavy oil); Natural gas; Coal ( choose one from three)
10 Temperature stability Hot aggregate material: ± 5 ℃; finished material discharge: ± 3 ℃
11 Environmental noise ≤85 dB (A)
12 Operation method Automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control
13 Asphalt tank 50 tons, three units, insulation layer (thickness about 50 mm)
14 Heat-transfer Oil Hot oil furnace, high and low pots, burners, heat pumps, insulation pipelines, independent control
15 Overall dimensions Length: 45 m, width: 40 m, height: 20 m
16 Overall power 561~720kw (see the power list)

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