LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant with a production capacity of up to 400 t/h and limitless equipment options, used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding and Asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature. And it is widely used to the construction of highway, city road and parking lot.


LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant design features
Model : LB500
Mixer rated capacity : 500kg/one batch
Product performance standards : JT/T 270-2002
Environmental noise : ≤85 dB (A)
Operation method : Automatic control, manual control
Overall power : 150~240kw

Introduction of Asphalt Mixing Plant Components:
1.Drying System
The dry drum drive is driven by a four wheel friction drive.
2.Combustion System
Configuration: fuel burner
The use of digital inverter burner, combustible wood, heavy oil and residue, the burner energy saving, adjusting the ratio of 1:10, high temperature control accuracy.
3.Dust Remove & Noise Reduction System
Dust removal system equipped with first class gravity dust collector and secondary cloth bag filter. The equipment from the largest noise 30 meters ≤80dB, Control room noise ≤70dB.
4.The Screening System
Adopts German technology double layer 4 sieve shaker, single vibrating shaft drive, can screening out 4 kinds of different specifications of the aggregate.
5. Measuring System
Measuring mixing composed by the aggregate balance, powder scale, scales and asphalt mixing cylinder, etc.
6.Mixing System
Improved the spacing of the agitator arms and the angle of the stirring blades, Mixing cylinder liner and blades is wear-resistant high strength chrome alloy castings, service life can reach to 105 batches or more.
7.Asphalt Heat And Heat Preservation System
This part is made of Insulation asphalt tank, Asphalt discharge tank, asphalt pump, integration of heat conduction oil furnace fuel type (Heat conduction oil circulation pump)
8.Control System
The whole mixing set control unit include hardware parts and software parts.

Parameters of LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Item Parameter
Name Asphalt Mixing Equipment
Model LB500
Mixer rated capacity 500kg/one batch
Product performance standards JT/T 270-2002
Rated production capacity 30~40t/h (Under standard conditions)
Relationship of production capacity and mixing time Mixing cycle(S) 45 50 55 60
Production capacity(t/h) 40 36 32 30
Static metering accuracy Gravel material ± 0.5%; powder ± 0.25%; asphalt ± 0.2%
Bag of dust removal capacity Dust emissions: ≤ 50 mg / Nm3; Ringelmann Black Degree: <1 level
Burner Fuel; The fuel gas; Coal ( choose one from three)
Temperature stability Hot aggregate material: ± 5 ℃; finished material discharge: ± 3 ℃
Environmental noise ≤85 dB (A)
Operation method Automatic control, manual control
Asphalt tank 25 tons, one unit, insulation layer (thickness about 50 mm)
Heat-transfer Oil Hot oil furnace, high and low pots, burners, heat pumps, insulation pipelines, independent control
Overall dimensions Long: 30 m, wide: 27 m, high: 15 m
Overall power 150~240kw (see the power list)

Details of LB500 asphalt Mixing Plant:


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